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May 21, 202400:02:20

iOS 17.5.1: Deleted Photos No Longer Come Back to Life!

In this video, I talk about iOS 17.5.1 and why you need to update to this version ASAP! You can sub...

May 16, 202400:01:54

Surprise! iOS 17.5 Automatically Restores Old Deleted Photos!

In this video, I discuss a new scary iOS 17.5 bug that causes you old deleted photos to be restored...

May 15, 202400:04:03

Virus Popup Alerts! Stay Calm and Follow These Steps!

In this video, I talk about what to do if you get a scary virus alert/popup while surfing the inter...

May 14, 202400:01:27

iOS 17.5 Released: Yawn-Worthy Update!

In this video, I talk about the release of iOS 17.5 and why it's a very boring update. You can subs...