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About the Podcast

"Be Your Own Nerd" is a podcast that helps you with all your technology questions and needs. It helps you manage the technology that you use in your life. Subscribe for free on iTunesGoogle Play Music, or Spotify.

About Shawn Park

I've been living and breathing technology for 36+ years. I've helped all sorts of people with their technology-related problems and questions. I have a love for communicating with anyone and describing technology
in easy to understand ways.

I can help with your computer, phone, tablet, or any other tech-related problems you may have.

I want to help you fall in love with technology the way I did. Now more than ever, technology is becoming part of our daily lives, and I want to help you understand, control, and fix it when it gives you problems.

Please reach out to me, even if it is just to say "hello."  I enjoy interacting with my viewers/listeners, and I appreciate answering all tech related questions.


Have a Great Tech Day!

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