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"Be Your Own Nerd" is a YouTube channel that helps with all your technology questions and needs. It helps you manage the technology that you use in your life.

I've been living and breathing technology for 36+ years. I've helped all sorts of people with their technology-related problems and questions. I have a love for communicating with anyone and describing technology in easy to understand ways.

I want to help you fall in love with technology the way I did.

Now more than ever, technology is becoming part of our daily lives, and I want to help you understand, control, and fix it when it gives you problems.

Have a great tech day! :-)
April 10, 202400:02:04

Emoji 101: How to Use Emojis on Mac and Windows

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April 10, 202400:04:29

Disk Space Detective: Free Software to Identify Large Files / Folders on Your Drives (Windows & Mac)

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April 03, 202400:04:44

Completely Backup Your Google / Gmail Account Before You Lose It!

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April 02, 202400:01:30

Use ChatGPT Without an Account

In this video, I discuss OpenAI's announcement that you no longer need to sign up and create an acc...

April 01, 202400:10:59

World Backup Day 2024 - Backup Your Data! Mac, Windows and Phones

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March 27, 202400:01:47

Hate the NEW Windows 11 Task Manager? Bring back the old one!

In this video, I discuss an alternate way to restore the old Windows Task Manager in Windows 11. An...